You will find below some suggestions of tools and platforms to help you in your terminological work

Extraction tools


TermoStat is an automatic term acquisition tool that exploits a method of contrasting specialized and non-specialized corpora to identify terms. The online version of TermoStat supports English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Sketch Engine is a text analysis and corpus query system with analytical, statistical and text searching tools to process your own data as well as built-in linguistic databases of billions of words. It is a paid sofware.

AntConc is a corpus analysis software that allows you to shuffle a large amount of text to detect occurrences, recurrences and word matches for text study. It is compatible with TXT, HTML and XML formats. You can load entire folders and analyze your texts.

SynchroTerm speeds up the extraction and creation of terminology records by using statistical algorithms to automatically identify terminology equivalents. It automatically extracts source terms, their equivalents and contexts from file pairs of any format, LogiTerm bitext or SDLXLIFF, XLIFF or TMX files. It is a paid software.

Confluence platform

This EU plaform was created to gather all the participants of the Terminology without Borders project to permit us to communicate and to collaborate online.


To access the plaform, you will need to create your EU Login and send us the email address you registered with.

We will then add you to the list of editors if you are a participants or to the list of readers if you want to discover the platform to grant you access.

PowerPoint Tutorial

You can download the PowerPoint presentation prepared by Lara Karlović to guide you through our Confluence platform

You can download the detailed instructions to create a EU Login to connect to the platform.

Video Tutorial

You can also watch the step-by-step video tutorial explained by Janna Mack to help you navigate more easily through the Confluence.


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