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Here you will find resources that can help you in your work as a terminologist for YourTerm MED.

If you know other useful resources pertinent the subject area of YourTerm MED and your language combination, please get in touch with us.

VariMed is a medical terminology database designed by members from the LexiCon research group at the University of Granada, Rutgers University, and Carleton University. Their main objective is to study denominative variation as a cognitive and communicative phenomenon in medical discourse.

This resource is the result of their work, which contains a wealth of useful medical terminology publicly available online.

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Trimed (coming soon)

TriMED: a Medical Terminology Database for EN, IT and FR users

Created by the University of Padua from an English corpus on the field of breast cancer, TriMED will be available soon to participants in English, Italian and French. It tackles diastratic variation by addressing three target audiences: physicians, patients and technical-scientific translators.

Keep an eye on our blog for news on TriMED. To learn more about TriMED, read this publication by its creators.

TWB Glossaries are a tool developed by Translators without Borders to assist humanitarian field workers and interpreters working on responses across the globe. They aim to improve communication between aid workers and communities by providing clear and accurate translations of humanitarian terms in an easy-accessible offline format. With a built-in audio feature, users can also hear the words spoken aloud.

Subject areas include protection; mental health and psychosocial support, housing, land and property rights; and water, sanitation and hygiene.

Find out more about TWB Glossaries.