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Here you will find a detailed overview of the tasks and results obtained for YourTerm MED.

Completed tasks

legacy Term Extraction

Terminology without Borders inherited a term extraction of 60 terms curated by former TermCoord Trainee María Isabel Bolívar.

Research completed in ar, EL, es, fr, pt and RU

Research was completed for Arabic, Greek, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian.

Tasks in Progress

term extraction phase 2

We are currently compiling a corpus of relevant documents in order to conduct a term extraction. This is will be compared against pre-existing term resources for candidate selection.

expert validation for ar, el, es, fr, pt and Ru

Research results have been sent to medical experts for validation in Arabic, Greek, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian.

RESEARCH TO be completed IN It and DE

YourTerm MED has partial results for Italian and German. We are currently looking for participants in those languages. If you are interested, please get in touch.