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Here you will find a detailed overview of the tasks and results obtained for YourTerm MARE.

Completed tasks

Terminology Extraction

The Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union and the European Maritime Safety Agency produced a term extraction of 50 relevant terms that kick-started the project.

initial quality test for researchers in GREEK and SPANISH

Researchers from at Hellenic American University and University of Vigo have successfully completed the initial quality test for terminology research in Spanish and Greek. Their work was reviewed and they have moved on to the next phase.

Tasks in Progress

initial quality test for researchers in ITALIAN

The Partenope University of Naples is contributing to YourTerm MARE with a great number of researchers. We are currently reviewing all the initial quality test samples from all participating researchers in Italian.

Corpus compilation and frame building

In co-operation with the Pablo Olavide University, we are currently compiling a specialised corpus on the field of fishing. This will enable us to design a semantic frame that will be used to define the YourTerm MARE database structure.

Guidelines for terminology research into Commercial fish species names

In co-operation with the Lithuanian Language Unit of the European Parliament, we are currently developing the research process and guidelines for a subproject on commercial fish species names.