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Project on Diseases

Completed tasks

Term extraction and research for equivalents
Terminology without Borders inherited a term extraction of 60 terms from TermCoord.
Research for equivalent terms is completed in AR, EL, ES, FR, PT and RU.

Ongoing tasks

Validation by experts
Results from researches were sent to experts in the medical field to be validated in AR, EL, ES, FR, PT and RU.
Researches for equivalents in IT and DE are in progress and other languages are opened to candidates.

Project on Complementary and alternative medicine

Completed tasks

Term Extraction
TermCoord collected a corpus of around 700 abstracts of systematic reviews about complementary and alternative medicine published by Cochrane.
The University of Padua carried out a monolingual extraction (EN) of 156 terms from 125 abstracts of the corpus.

Ongoing tasks

The University of Padua is working on finding the equivalents in Italian for the 156 terms extracted from the corpus mentioned above.
Researches in other languages are open to candidates.

Project on Bipolar disorders

Completed tasks

Term Extraction

Terminology without Borders inherited 391 terms from a Master’s dissertation on the terminology specific to bipolar disorder. The source language is French and equivalents in English and Spanish were already included in the dissertation.

Ongoing tasks
In collaboration with Terminology without Borders, the University of Innsbruck is carrying out the research for some equivalents in German.


Find and use the relevant terminology resources.


Find and connect with the partners in this project.


Semantic framing and database structure.


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