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Tasks achieved:

  • Term extraction

The terms concern the House of European History, which is located in Brussels. Almost four hundred terms are available in English and French.

Start of term base on museums of natural history

The University of Alcalá de Henares is already doing a bilingual glossary with terms from English translated to Spanish. It includes projects from museums all over the world.

The University of Alba Iulia is taking care of gathering material on cultural capitals or potential ones from Romania. The corpus consists of 800 pages with 700,000 words from which to extract the main terminology.


Work in progress:

The ISIT School in Paris, which I mentioned in the article that explains how the collaboration takes place, is gathering a corpus of terminology concerning European capitals. Then they are extracting the relevant terms manually or with electronic tools.

The gathering of information and terms in the field of museums must improve, although it started very well. 

The term extraction from the 700,000 words from the University of Alba Iulia is advancing slowly but surely, and then some students will translate the terms from ISIT from French to Romanian.



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