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Coronaglosario (EN, ES) Glosario inglés y español sobre Coronavirus y COVID-19

Coronavirus, les mots pour le dire (FR) Ministère de la Culture

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Glossary (EN) Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF)

COVID-19 crisis catalog: A glossary of terms (EN) Texas Medical Center (TMC)

COVID-19 (English/Vietnamese/Simplified Chinese/Tagalog/Burmese/Kurdish Kurmanji/Arabic/Swahili/Kibaku/Waha/Bura-Pabir/Mandara) Translators without Borders (TWB)

COVID-19 Glossary (EN, ES, PT) Transpanish

COVID-19 Glossary of Terms (EN) Clemson University

Glosario de covid-19 (EN-ES) Tremédica

Glossario COVID-19 (PDF) (IT, DE, LAD) Eurac Research

Glossario del nuovo Coronavirus (IT) Ministero della Salute

Glossary on the COVID-19 pandemic (EN, FR) Government of Canada

Our New COVID-19 Vocabulary (EN) YALE Medicine, Yale School of Medicine

Termes del Coronavirus (CAT, EN, ES, FR) Termcat – Centre de Terminologia

The IATE terminology collection around COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2, Translation services of the EU institutions

Coronavirus terminology in German, English, French, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Bundessprachenamt (German Federal Language Office)

COVID-19 glossary by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Pearl in 10 languages. Consultable and downloadable in pdf and tbx format.


Other resources

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic World Health Organization (WHO)

COVID-19 Coronavirus data EU Open Data Portal

COVID-19 glossaries, dictionaries, terminology Information related to terminology on COVID-19. Most in English, some in Spanish, and a couple in Portuguese, by Patricia Brenes

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19), Sketch Engine

Kako pisati in sklanjati izraze »koronavirus« in bolezen »covid-19« ali »koronavirusna bolezen 2019« (SL) Inštituta za slovenski jezik Frana Ramovša ZRC SAZU

Spol kratice »covid-19« (SL) Inštituta za slovenski jezik Frana Ramovša ZRC SAZU

TAUS Corona Crisis Corpus TAUS Matching Data

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